Dangers at Keri Caves Zakynthos


Danger at Keri Caves!! Visiting the Blue Caves and Keri Caves when is Zakynthos is a must! BUT are you aware of the dangers? 

The clear blue waters, the picture perfect scene…danger is far from your mind as you are enjoying the breath taking views of Zakynthos from the sea. 

The reality however is far from this, the natural beauty of the Zakynthian coastline holds a risk that many people don’t think twice about. The risk of rock fall is real and care must be taken when exploring these areas. 


Recently we were looking through our videos and came across a scary scene. Our captains and staff are all aware of the risks of rock fall and avoid certain areas when the risk is higher however nature is nature and is unpredictable. 

In the video below you will see rocks falling directly in front of a large cave that is often entered by boats. Our captain is only round the corner as this happens and is unaware of the danger that could of been. WATCH THE TOP RIGHT OF THE VIDEO, you will firstly see a resonably large rock fall making a large splash followed by several more smaller rocks scattering over the sea. 

Boat trips have become a trend over recent years with people keen to get as close as possible for the perfect instagram picture. ‘Go inside the caves’ is a big selling point for lots of companies but getting so close is not always the safest option. The clear waters of Zakynthos and coves around the island have plenty to offer without the risk of injury for that picture inside the cave. Trust us that picture is still going to look amazing with the blue waters from a safe distance!

Don’t worry too much as many boats do visit these areas every day and accidents are not a common occurance however we can all learn from this. Going inside the caves is not always possible so trust your captain who will show you the most beautiful spots of Zante in the safest way we can.

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The Luxury Family

Video Footage from filming with @Jess.Wandering and @everchanginghorizon 

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