If you’re thinking of visiting stunning Zante, then look no further! Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a fun-filled group trip, we’ve got you covered! Our expertly-crafted tour packages are designed to accommodate all budgets, and we’re more than happy to accommodate any special requests you may have. Don’t miss out on this magical opportunity – book your trip with us today and make memories that will last a lifetime! Come explore the beautiful Shipwreck Cove – Navagio Beach, Turtle Island and Marathonisi with us! We offer private cruises, romantic sunset cruises, child and family tours, short boat tours and luxury VIP Yachts for your next adventure. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey!

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Blue Caves & Xygia Beach

Half Day Approx 4 Hours 

Discover the healing powers of Xygia beach and explore its hidden coves and beaches. Visit the iconic port of st Nicholaos, make a stop for lunch and take an unforgettable journey to the majestic Blue Caves for a day of swimming and snorkelling.

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This cruise is a perfect choice for all ages. You will start from our local port and sail towards the north of Zakynthos passing through the sandy beaches of Ambula, Alykanas and Alykes.
First you will stop at the famous sulfur beaches of Xygia which is known for its’ waters with natural healing properties (good for skin&bones). a refreshing swim is always recommended here. After taking pictures of the White Cave you will navigate to the beautiful pebbly beach of Makris Gialos and then to small secluded ones where you will want to snorkles and relax. Cruising along the north-east coast of the island you we will  reach the glorious Blue Caves with their shimmering waters for more swim. Get ready to be mind blown as your skippers will show you the caves from the inside and a few unique secret spots.

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private yacht tours in zakynthos

Shipwreck & Blue Caves

Speedboats 4 Hours – Yachts 5 Hours

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Shipwreck Beach in Zante. An unforgettable trip awaits for you. Take a dip into the crystal clear waters and explore hidden underwater caves, perfect for snorkelling. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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This cruise is twice a day (morning and afternoon) We will  pass the beautiful sandy beaches of Alykes and Alykanas and make your first swim stop at the Blue Caves where your experienced captain will drive you through the most famous arches of Zakynthos!
You will then head for the island’s top highlight the ”Smugglers Cove’‘ also known as the Shipwreck or Navagio beach. If you choose the morning scheduled trip you will be one of the very few tourists that will have arrived there at this early morning times meaning that you will be able to enjoy a peaceful and exclusive time! We will stop here so you can enjoy swimming in the blue electric waters and take the best photos before the crowds arrive.
On your way back to the port more swim stops will follow in less known locations for a more exclusive time. Islolated coves and beaches such as Atsiganos beach, the cove of St. Andrew and Philippoi beach. Additionally upon arrival back to the blue caves you will have the chance to explore underwater caves, feed the fish and if your feeling brave you should let us know as cliff jumping is on the list.
The tour includes a photostop or a quick swim at the Saint Nickolas port, Makris Gyalos and Xigia Beach. An option for lunch or to grab a coffe may also be possible (please advise with your captain or hostess).

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 Cruise Around Zakynthos

Speedboats 8 Hours – Yachts 7 Hours

Explore the stunning beauty of Zakynthos in one day! Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters, observe sea turtles in their natural habitat, and take that perfect picture at the iconic Navagio-Shipwreck Beach. Don’t miss out on a chance to discover all that Zakynthos has to offer in one incredible trip!

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In this cruise you will see the entire island by the sea!
Cruise Zakynthos island in an exceptional, luxurious way! Avoid the crowds at your own private cruise in Zante.
Your first photo-stop will be at the fishing port of Agios Nicholaos where the ferry to our neighbour island Kefalonia leaves from, you may grab a coffee here or fill up your drinks/snacks cooler. As you reach the northern part of Zakynthos you will see – one of the islands top highlight – the Blue Caves with their incredible arches, your experienced skipper will drive you through. Get ready for your first swim stop as this is a perfect spot for snorkeling!
Next stop the world famous Shipwreck also known as the “Navagio Beach”. Visitors here will have the chance to jump into crystal clear waters and take the picture of a lifetime. A few isolated coves with shimmering waters will follow before we reach to Porto Vromi, a small fishing port created by nature, where Poseidon’s face (Greek Mythology God of Sea) is formed from the rocks!!
You will continue cruising the west coast of Zakynthos passing the beautiful coves of Kambi, Porto Limionas, Porto Roxa, Korakonisi and the Seal’s Caves of Agalas.
Just below the Keri lighthouse Mitzithres Rocks with the crystal-clear blue-green waters along with the caves of Keri and the rugged hillsides make up an breathtaking scenery that you will never forget! Our aim is to find isolated coves for you to swim and relax..
We will now enter the National Marine Park in the gulf of Laganas for a chance to photograph the Loggerhead sea turtles also known by locals as Caretta-Caretta. Get your cameras ready to capture these amazing creatures as they can be extra shy and come up to breathe for just a second! Next on our list the inhabited island Peluzzo. If the sea conditions allowe it you may have a quick swim stop here before we cruise along the east coast of Zakynthos making our way back to the port.

Tour is approximately 7 hours, or approximately 8 hours if a stop for lunch is made.

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sunset zante luxure

 Luxury Sunset Cruise

From 17.30 till Sunset 

Bring your special someone to an unforgettable evening! Whether you’re looking to show your love or just spend some quality time, nothing quite compares to watching the gorgeous sunset with your favorite person. a romantic evening, the perfect way to express your feelings and make everlasting memories!

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Witness the sun painting the sky with a magical blend of pinks, purples, and oranges as you drift away into the distant horizon on a romantic evening sunset cruise. Spend quality time with your special someone, or share the experience with your closest friends, for a night you’ll never forget.

Take a dip in the striking waters and toast to the occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or even a surprise proposal – set the mood with your own music selection, champagne and snacks for the ultimate celebration. Let the gentle breeze and breathtaking views provide the most perfect backdrop for your special day.

Escape the everyday and create unforgettable memories with a unique experience out on the open ocean.

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  Shipwreck & West Coast

Approx 6 Hours

Discover the beauty of the North West coast of Zakynthos with a luxury private boat. Avoid the crowds and explore the remote locations hidden around our coastline which are only accessible by boat. A day you will remember for ever!

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Begin your adventure at Xigia Beach, where you can unwind and indulge in the natural spa. Experience the healing properties of the sulphurous waters while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Next, make your way to Makris Gialos Beach, where you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water. Admire the impressive rock formations and marvel at the vibrant marine life that surrounds you.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the awe-inspiring Blue Caves. Witness how sunlight dances on the water, creating a mesmerizing sapphire hue. Explore these enchanting caves and capture stunning photos of their unique shapes and colors.

Journey to Shipwreck Beach, renowned for its iconic rusty shipwreck resting on white sands against azure waters. Snap incredible photos of this world-famous sight before taking a refreshing swim in its crystal-clear waters, enjoying every grain of soft sand beneath your feet.

Sive into the Hidden Treasure Cave, also known as the Blue Eye Cave. See the small opening that resembles an eye and the turquoise water inside. Feel the mystery and the beauty of the cave.

Visit the White Beach and enjoy the secluded paradise. See the white pebbles and the clear water that create a stunning contrast. Relax on the beach and soak up the sun.

Take photos of the Poseidon’s Face, a natural rock formation that looks like the face of the Greek god of the sea. See the details of the eyes, nose, mouth, and beard. Imagine the stories and legends that surround this place.

Swim at Porto Stenitis, a narrow bay in the rocks that is typical of the west coast of Zakynthos. See the dramatic cliffs and the turquoise water. Feel the thrill of swimming in a hidden spot.

Stop for lunch at one of the many available restaurants in Agios Nikolaos Port. Enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the sandy beach. Try some of the local delicacies, such as fresh seafood, cheese pies, and honey.

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marathonisi island in zakynthos

Turtle Island & Keri Caves

 Approx 6 Hours

Explore the spectacular National Marine Park of Zakynthos on a magical tour and witness the majestic loggerhead turtles “Caretta Caretta” swim gracefully in the crystal clear waters of the Keri Caves. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

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Located in the south of the island, Marathonisi, also known as the “Turtle Island” is home to our famous island residents, the Caretta-Caretta loggerhead turtles! Marathonisi is part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and a perfect location to meet the turtles up close.
On this turtle spotting tour you will cruise along the east coast of Zakynthos where you will have the oppertunity to view the islands prettiest sandy beaches of Vassilikos.

Our first photo stop is at Peluzo, a small uninhabited island with an amazing beach with beautiful rock formations. You will then visit Marathonisi, where you can see the turle nests and relax on its golden sand. Your next swim stop is at the majestic Keri Caves. These breathtaking caves in the South-West area of the island, are accessible only by boat. The water is crystal clear with amazing blue and emerald colours you will want to dive in.

Next our turtle spotting adventure begins in the National Marine Park. This area is also known for sightings of dolphins and seals.Your captain will ensure you get the most out of your experience whilst searching for these lovely animals. Get your cameras ready for a quick photo as they will only pop their head to take a 1 second breath!

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Kefalonia Full Day

Full Day Approx 9/10 Hours

Prepare to be amazed! Come and experience the stunning sandy coasts and picturesque landscapes of Kefalonia. Take a short taxi ride from the Sami Port and you’ll find yourself in front of the paradise that is the Melissani Lake, one of Kefalonia’s most spectacular gems.

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Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Embark on a journey to the stunning Greek island of Kefalonia, as you sail across the dazzling Ionian Sea. Marvel at the breathtaking views and sounds of the sea, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for something special – dolphins! It’s not uncommon for these graceful creatures to join boats on their journeys and create an unforgettable experience. So make sure to keep watch for that special moment of pure enchantment with these majestic animals.

Discover the stunning beauty of Kefalonia, a magical island boasting breathtaking mountains, postcard-perfect beaches and lush, verdant forests. Follow us on our journey as we journey to its main port of Sami, passing by tranquil coastal waters and small fishing villages along the way.

Sami is a peaceful port tucked away along the coastline. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by charming little bars, harbour-side restaurants, and unique atmosphere. Spend the day browsing the quaint shops and fueling up with a delicious lunch before setting off to explore the island’s top highlight – Melissani Lake. Even thought Melissani Lake is just 7 minutes away getting there can be a little tricky so please let us know if you’d like to arrange a pick-up to make your journey even easier.

As you make your way back, we’ll take you on an unforgettable journey to some of the most beautiful and secluded locations in all of Greece. Witness the magnificent, crystal-clear waters and white pebbles/sand of Antisamos and Koutsoupia beaches, contrasted by the lush green mountains in the background. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility and take a dip in the refreshing waters, far away from the busy tourist crowds.Dive into the sparkling beauty of the Greek Isles and uncover its hidden treasures! Visit the Kato Lagadi caves and enjoy a day of sun-soaked bliss at Porto Skala’s golden beach.

Get ready for the ultimate day of island hopping and make amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

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