Hidden Coves of Zakynthos

hidden coves in zakynthos

Hello Zakynthos Lovers…..

This is our new blog where we plan to share our exciting adventures in and around the beautiful island of Zakynthos. We will share our experiences on what to see and where to go, hopefully giving a small insight to new visitors of the island or just a reminder of the place that feels like home to the regular visitors!

We thought hard about what to share as our first post, with so much beauty in one island we were spoilt for choice! Finally we decided to begin with some not so well known places….Zakynthos is full of so many hidden coves and beaches and this is where you will find the most amazing waters. Here are some photos of the hidden coves and beaches we have visited this week!

These coves are in the north of the island and the perfect place for a peaceful relaxing afternoon. Surround yourself with nothing but the sun and the sound of the waves as you sit relaxing on the beach. For those of you that like to be active this is a great snorkelling spot as the waters are so clear you can swim amongst the fish along the rocky cove in the bluest of waters!!

IMPORTANT TIP 1 – Lots of these coves are rocky/pebble beaches rather than sandy so don’t forget your swim shoes to make the experience more comfortable!

IMPORTANT TIP 2 – Some of these coves have assess via foot but many are only accessible by boat meaning you are almost garuanteed to have your own private beach!

So now we have shared some of our favourite places to visit, what do you think?….. Will you be going on your own adventure to find these secret unique locations?????

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, don’t forget to ‘Sign Up’ to see what secret places we will be visiting next!

With love from

Melanie & The LuxurE Family


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