The Northern Tip of Zakynthos

Welcome Back Everyone,

Today I have some great pictures from my trip to the most Northern Tip of Zakynthos. This is such a beautiful spot and a great day out with amazing views!

The area of Skinari is close by to the Shipwreck and Blue Caves and holds some breathing views of endless blue. As you look out from the cliff top you will even see Kefalonia in the distance! You will find two Windmills and a Lighthouse in this special place as you wander around the cliff area you are able to get down to the sea via set of stairs set in the rocks however be aware there is no beach here.

Enjoy a tradional Greek meal at the taverna in Skinari or sip a glass of local wine while whilst admiring the view!


This is popular spot for snorkelling due to the range of marine life living in these waters, so what are you waiting for grab your snorkel and explore this blue paradise!


The BLue Caves located below Skinari were first discovered in 1897. The white rocks, the sea and the reflections from the sun creating amazing shades of blue throughout these caves.

To reach Skinari you can hire a car locally in your resort or even jump in a taxi, it is definately worth the trip . I hope next time you are in Zakynthos you visit this beautiful place!

I will be back soon with my next adventure in Zante. Thank you again for reading, don’t foget to sign up!

With love from

Melanie & The Luxury Family

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