Sunrise at Tsilivi Beach

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back

Today I have must do activity to show you, this is a totally free activity but the memories and photos you will take from this moment are incredible!

Now I have watched many sunsets whilst being in Zakynthos and it really is an incredible sight as the day ends and darkness covers the island. However until recently I had never watched the sunrise and what a moment I had been missing, a truly magical experience as I watched this wonderful island wake up and its beauty spring alive! I choose to watch the sunset at Tsilivi Harbour which was a perfect spot, as the sun rose the light reflected off the ocean and created a priceless picture.


At this time of the morning the fishing boats are just leaving the harbour, this is a great chance to see some traditions of the local fisherman in Zakynthos!


If you are staying in the South of the Island you could watch the sunset and then spend your early morning at the beach (once it opens at 7am) and you may be lucky enough to see a turtle hatching from one of the many nests on the beaches in this area!

Here are some photos of the beautiful sunrise but I have to say you need to see it yourself to really feel this moment.


Check online what time the sunrises as this changes throughout the season, also get there a little earlier as it is still dark and you can see the orange tones slowly spreading through the sky.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and I hope next time your in Zakynthos you will brave the early morning to create your own magical memories!

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