The Famous Navagio Beach

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So where to show you next? I thought this time we would go for a location that has made Zakynthos famous…. Navagio Beach.


‘Ναυάγιο’ is the Greek word for Shipwreck!

Now I know most of you will have visited this incredible beach but I just had to share my once in a life time experience of being the only group at this special place. Usually during the summer months you will find this beach full of hundreds of people and the waters filled with anchored boats. So to see this beach so empty was a very unique moment…….


To have the best chance of seeing this beach a little quieter you should go as early as possible in the morning before the big group boats arrive!


The beach is only accessible by boat, there is however a viewing platform above to take a great photo.(Please check this is open before going as there are often restrictions due to safety in this area)


Please be aware that this area of the island is often very windy meaning the boats may find it difficult to anchor for safety reasons. So unless you are a strong swimmer it may not be possible to reach the beach, also be aware the waters are very deep here. Please check with your boat tour guide before the trip to be sure it is a safe sea.

A little bit of history now….. The boat that now lies on this pebble beach is reported to have been a smuggler ship carrying tobacco and alcohol. One night in October 1980 the weather conditions were poor and the crew abandoned the ship leaving it to be washed ashore. The ship settled in the bay where it still lies now and is visited by thousands of tourists every year!

And now I will leave you with a little video to show just how beautiful the waters are in this special bay!

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