Navagio Beach Closed?

Navagio Beach closed

Navagio Beach Closed Summer 2023! The news is just in that Navagio beach will be closed this summer due to safety reasons. After rock fall last year caused by earthquakes the authorities have decided the risk of landslides is high and therefore for the safety of visitors it will not be permitted to disembark onto the Shipwreck Beach. 

Not all hope is lost though, if you are coming to Zakynthos and Navagio Beach is on your to do list then you can still get that famous photograph from the bay of Navagio. Boats will be allowed to enter the bay at a safe distance so you will still get to visit this iconic location and take that insta snap! 

For the people who have already been to Navagio Beach maybe you are thinking this isn’t the worst news we could hear..why? Because people who have already visited this beach have most likely also seen hundreds of other beautiful locations around the island that are just as incredible if not more than the Shipwreck Beach. In all honestly Navagio beach is the tourist trap, if you visited here in previous years you will be aware of the hundreds of tourists crammed onto the small beach area with no shade, no food /drinks or toilet available. Now let us share with you some of the best locations you can visit, instead of Navagio Beach, on a private boat tour with us. 

Add these places to your must visit locations on a boat tour in Zakynthos

On the North Route (Navagio and Blue Caves)

Filippoi Beach 

Agios Andreas

White Beach

Kremidi Beach

Vathi Lagadi Beach


On the Cruise Around Zakynthos Island

Myzithres Rocks

Plakaki Beach

Agalas Caves 

Porto Steniti

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